Cinderella is dancing with her prince.
She entered the ballroom at nine
and is happily dancing ever since.

A ticket she got from the fairy
that got her right into
the time that was long ago.
No reason at all to be wary.
The one she always has loved
though chances were tight
will now with a twenty year shove
be hers for one night.

With eyes closed she’s lost in his arms.
She can’t get away from his charm.
But Now and Then will evidently meet.
This magic is not forever,
so stop your dancing feet.
The present-time will bring a taxi,
driver’s humorless and sour.
No juggling ‘round with carriages
and pumpkins, that’s for sure.

With a lingering scent from
his skin and his hair
she’s taken back, relentlessly
to that time she recently
thought was no longer there.

The fairy, now pretty weary
says: Isn’t the ending quite scary?
Alone in the dark she misses
his arms and his kisses.

Cinderella with eyes closed
treads the dance in her dreams.
Enchanted reality
is never quite what it seems.

I’m high under water – still dry,
images flickers by.
Animated still life – I do
want to put some life into you.

Rendering time puts me off,
I’ve had it now, enough is enough.
The music plays loud in my ears,
scaring away all the fears.

”Tell me how it feels to be
the one who turns the knife inside of me…”
Tyler’s voice submerges, then it flies.
I’m Subzany in disguise.

Alone in the dark cold street
I’m bleeding
I call out your name, I’m beat
and needy

How could you leave, I can’t believe
What can I do to retrieve
your love?

The empty warehouse behind me
How did I get here?
Where did I go wrong?
The wharf is deserted, it’s raining
Cold sweat and fear
Have I been here long?

Alone in the dirty cold street
I’m bleeding
I cry for you, no more deceit
Are you heeding?

If you say you love me
I’d give in without a blow
Do you want my caress?
I cry to heaven above me
I pray to the hell below
My state’s in a mess

Alone in the bleeding street
so weedy
I call out you name, no cheat
you’re speedy

If I round that corner,
will you catch me there?
I’m facing the pouring rain
My body is aching
for you to be near
I’ll have to kill that pain!

How could you leave, I can’t believe
What can I do to receive
your love?

With my stiffening lips
I’m retrieving
With my pulsating blood
I’m retrieving
Come, ease my pain
I’m receding
Nothing else

The Mistress of this house’s been lost in emotions
In the haze you find the strawberry gate of confusion
And open it with your tongue.
Lights out! I’m burning! I’m freezing!
Crazy I’m screaming in front of the mirror
Leveling a crying guitar.
Hate my hands for not being yours!
I wanna fall and fall into your eyes
And drown where the color turns purple
And the most controversial becomes the main truth.
The nothing-ness of similarity frustrates me and I creep like hypnotized
Towards the fatal look in your eyes.
And nothing else matters.
Eternal Space

In the eternity of space
I believe there is a place
where hearts keep beating, souls are free.
I hope that one day, you and me
will see each other through the haze.

A parallel universe, in reverse,
makes it all such a great mystery.
When you call it a day, others rehearse,
changing yesterday’s news into novelty.
And things could really be much much worse!
Loving you

Your breath blends
with the air around me
and fills my lungs with joy.

I stroke your nose with my finger
down your chin and along your neck.
I let my hand rest
slowly heaving, up and down
on your breast
like a boat at a bridge after the storm.
You’re still sleeping.

Loving you is
feeling you is
knowing you is
living – oh
that’s how I love you!

You move, slowly awakening
smiling, sighing from pleasure
Today is so bright
No more tears, every shadow is
put to flight
I look into your eyes and my answer precedes the question:

Yes, I wanna make love to you!

From the Land of Lost and Lonely
Leads a winding narrow track
After turning to the left it’s coiling, sensuous, and you can’t hold back.
In the Sea of Emotion you’re receiving
a permanent condition of your heart
And if you lose some of that feeling
you’ll just turn back right to the start.

A yell in my ear
a shove in the flank
that’s how I get

A kick in the butt
a crack of the whip
that’s what I need
to get started

‘Cause I love to be having a lazy time
Love to care for no business but mine
Love to lie thinking ‘bout nothing at all studying patterns on my bedroom wall.

With you by my side
no longer uptight
I love to be loved
while I’m sleeping

From the left to the right
I rock in the night
My sleep is a sham
‘cause I’m peeping

‘Cause I love to be having a lazy time
Love to care for no pleasure but mine
Love to lie thinking ‘bout you above all
taking me high as the sky in the Fall.

A bite in my ear
a grip of my hips
that’s how you get
me excited

A kiss in the butt
a slide and a dip
that’s what I need
to get started

‘Cause I love to be having a lazy time
Love to care for no pleasure but mine
Love to lie thinking ‘bout you above all
taking me high as the sky in the Fall.

Open doors, closed doors,
doors standing ajar.
Locked doors, wide open doors.
Blue doors, brown doors,
neglected doors shedding flakes,
secret doors.
Doors flapping and slamming
in the wind.
Broken doors, glass doors,
nailed down doors,
doors with squeaking hinges,
doors that don’t
lead anywhere.
And sometimes
there are curtains instead.
Circle Line

Tell me, do you wanna be
Part of my insanity?
Draw a circle, paint it black,
Prevent the fear from coming back.

Don’t break my wall,
Don’t make it fall –
you only gonna make me crack.

Starting low but ending high
I will live this lullaby.
Rinse your hair from vanity,
Join the circle, stay with me.

Don’t break my wall,
Don’t make it fall –
Just rip your clothes and lay with me.

Feel this burning buzz inside
Let your senses be your guide
I am you and you are me
Let my fingers set you free.

Don’t break my wall,
Don’t make it fall –
The dark is fading by degrees.

I scratch yours and you scratch mine,
You know when to draw the line.
Cut some slack and let it be,
You’re the strong one – don’t you see?

Don’t break my wall,
Don’t make it fall –
I’m guilty of the first degree.

Don’t you mess about with me,
I’m as calm as I can be,
Need no downers, that’s for sure.
Will you please unlock the door!

Cause I’m not gonna crack no more
No, I’m not gonna crack no more.

Welcome, said the spider to the fly,
don’t be shy.
Sit down, relax, let me caress you,
God bless you.
She wrapped all her black arms
around him
and the kiss she gave was simply
He fell deeply in love with her.
He fell deeply into her
body? nest? Oh, what a quest,
black softness, soft thickness,
thick darkness, dark madness,
oh, the light is on but no-one’s home,
though the night is gone, you’re all alone.
The awakening: will this end?
Well my friend, it depends:
can you do the spider again?
Fatal kiss

Welcome, said the spider to the fly,
don’t be shy.
Sit down, relax, let me caress you,
God bless you.
She wrapped all her black arms
around him
and the kiss she gave was simply
He fell deeply in love with her.
He fell deeply into her
body? nest? Oh, what a quest,
black softness, soft thickness,
thick darkness, dark madness,
oh, the light is on but noone’s home,
though the night is gone, you’re all alone.
The awakening: will this end?
Well my friend, it depends:
can you do the spider again?
Are no more

We meet at the shore
by the sea in the sunset
With outstretched arms
we dwindle away
in each others shadows
and are no more.
Bang bang

Bang bang, you’re dead!
Yesterday red from
burning love and desire
Bang bang, you’re dead!
You look for support
while your brain’s on fire.

No bits and curbs
constrain a desire.
What a mistake!
Will you ever learn?
Now you’re freezing cold
in a burning quake.

Bang bang, don’t hang
around here anymore!
Just grin and bear it.
Don’t give a damn
if the shooting goes on
You’re already buried.
Melrose Avenue

They’re walking about among ramshackle houses,
overfull garbage-cans and rusty crashed cars.
They have red-yellow-green knitted caps,
worn out sneakers and empty stomachs
and carry a stereo-cassette-player with equalizer
between themselves
and smile to the burning sun
singing<: Hey man, cool man! Dancing brake-dance on the broken wall. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plum weather

-Today it’s plum weather!
said miss Fernsbury smilingly
with the tip of her nose
towards the sky.
Though thoughts more likely
at this time of the year
were drawn to mushrooms and yellow leaves
and cozy evenings at home,
she stayed on her doorstep,
with her lap full of plums,
yellow, red, blue,
letting the sun paint freckles
on the tip of her nose.
Hello – goodbye

Now we’re shooting
the old year to death
with crackers and rockets.
Red stars in the sky,
yellow, green blue.
Reconciled up there
when the universe’s on fire.
Happy New Year!

Over almost all the world
we’re burning millions,
but very far away from
sensations of our welfare
sits young Ali Kashan
Eyes towards the sky.
He sees a lonely star
and wishes
for a Happy New Year!

Run across the meadow
barefooted on a summer day.
Feel every straw and tuft
and beneath the dark green shelter
of the oak – the dry hard soil.
Sprinkled with dew, the grass
where the sun not yet has reached
moistening your tarsi, cooling,
though you’re running fast.
Sit bare-legged on the pine tree branch.
Be it for a while.
Warm from the sun,
rugged, yet soft on the surface.
Dig your toes deep into the moss,
the green wet moss by the tarn
and remember
when your wellies was letting in water
when you played as a child.
Feel it. Be it.

The night-grass glitters from the full moon
and the shadow from the cherry tree
lies down, full length
tickling the rhubarbs by their feet.
At the other side of the lawn
the poppy shines red
and the cornflower blue
but it’s another kind of shade:
Moon-blue, moon-red.
Another world, enchanted,
where the moon paints the darkness
with moon-colors.

I sail through the desert
On a rocking ship
To look at a sunrise
Where it’s supposed to be
As most beautiful:
Above the distant horizon.
I raise my hand
As a greeting when I see:
The sun is the same as back home.
My searching has come to an end.

My spring has run dry
And parched is my well
The only thing falling
Are leaves, I can tell
They lay themselves rustling
And close as to stay.
Come sweet Deluge!
Come wash away!
With hope and recovery
Refill my well.
The fresh rippling water
Is doing me well.

White, white, bright white.
The horizon
eats itself into heaven.
Senselessly limitless,
inconceivably beautiful.
Grey smoke from the chimneys
writes letters to God.

In your eyes only,
the beauty can be seen.
In your ears only,
the music can be heard.
No-one else
can understand
what’s beyond all explanations.
No-one else
can make your invisible world
change guise.
That long I live

Your gaze is like the ocean,
tickling ripples on my back
a sunny day,
like rolling waves, enticing
and dangerously
enclosing all of me.
As long as I exist
as a sparkling reflection in your eyes,
that long I live.
The walk

Today the sun was supposed to shine.
We should have taken a long walk,
me and my little son.
We should have gone far out in the woods,
picking cones and flowers
and sit on a mountain eating apples
and watch the ants work.
But the rain is pouring down
and the birds are crying.
Happiness needs loneliness

The great titmouse sings
about melting snow
and little red wellies.
With my nose down on the ground
amongst anemone and coltsfoot
I can smell the summer coming.
On the juniper slope
amongst wild pansies and brackens
I realize that happiness is shy.
The tarn

Crystal clear;
dew drops glitter in the grass.
The fairy fog;
drifting veils above the water.
The sun peers sleepy
amongst the distant firs
and yet another day
fills your senses with hope.
This feeling of joy,
so distressingly wonderful
that tears come as a relief.

A little yellow parrot has landed on my yard
I thought that I was freaking
So I handed him my card.

It said: call me
And ask me how I feel.
Call me,
If you ever feel unreal.

But getting close to me is hard

The lawn
is rolling up for the night.
The cat lies, growing,
with whiskers wet from dew.
The shade creeps up the linden tree
rocking the bumblebees to sleep.
A lonely blackbird’s patrolling
and drags violently up
an intruder
whose only punishment considered
is death.
Soon all the stars
will be lit up by the night-guard
so that you never ever more
will get lost in the dark.
A carnival in town

Take off, take a seat
with the big procession.
A carnival is in town!
Buy a mask
and a feather for your hat.
Forget yourself,
conceal yourself
behind a laughter.
Be someone else instead,
paint an eye on your forehead.
Hey man, cool man!
Swinging calypso,
bongos, congas,
Hawaiian flowers, pineapple ice cream.
Death dances in a trance
round and round
and somewhere
a child sleeps in the street.
Conceal yourself
forget about tomorrow – live today!
Join the procession,
come on and dance.
Everybody say yeah, yeah.

I went out for a walk in the storm
with a wide-open mind
to let out all my sorrows and pain in the air.
The wind was whizzing,
autumn leaves went whirling about,
street-cars were screeching and cabs
playing tag in the roundabout.
When I got home
I found my brain quite empty.
Pot, said the weasel, a rabbit for some pot! 🙂
Alice in Wonderland

With slumbering brain
the food on the plate
turns easily into a colorful picture,
and her false teeth are laughing
in the milk glass.

People coming, lifting, pulling,
saying: stand and walk.
You’re going to the toilet.
“Walk on do-do de lee…“
she has to laugh!

But stiff are the legs,
don’t want to walk, not to sit.
“Alice, please try to bend you knees…”
“Get, to let, sweat?”
in her eyes, all wondering fear.

Back to the table again,
no food, another time, coffee.
Words are replaced with chaos,
but she very well knows:
you get fat from cake!

“Tummy”, she says, pointing,
and people around her are smiling.
Somewhere inside her
she feels understanding.
Happily she runs her finger through the cake.

You may rest now.
Lay your head so safely on my knee
and close your eyes, remembering:
Summer days with birds,
butterflies and bumblebees.
Sneaking on that stupid magpie
always taking off with a laughter,
and in the bilberry shrubs are
the mice rustling about.
How many have you caught?
Must be a thousand!
Remember the smell of the first snow
a cold and frosty winter day.
In the evening, rolled up in the sofa,
purring from pleasure.
Now, don’t worry anymore
about where all excitement went,
and why everything went a blurry silence,
‘cause you may rest now,
by the mountain
amongst the bracken and bilberry bushes.
Good night Missy.
Dream sweet dreams.

Come Aurora,
kiss baby’s’ cheek.
Kiss away the pale and weak.
She came
fleeting as a wind in spring
with a scent of lilac on her wings.

Let the tear in your eye
be sparklingly clear
and moisten your burning cheek.

Kiss away fear
‘cause life is just hide and seek.
Lift up your senses
tear down the fences
let go of the fear
and hold beautiful memories dear.

Come Aurora,
kiss away the bruise.
Kiss away the midnight blues.

I reach out my hands
please, take them.
Let me feel the touch of you.
The presence of absence:
eternity is ticking
towards endless aim,
makes yearning even bigger.
My tears are burning.
Half of me will
be filled with life.
Half of me – no more.
The more I fill in with years
collecting experiences,
the deeper the loss.
Daddy, who is it
that deceived me
of all I ever wanted from you:
Just one small living memory
to keep in my heart.

Two soft wrinkled hands
peacefully lying on the knee
upon the checkered apron.
The crochets’ put aside,
the days’ work’s done.
The chamber pendulum
strikes for rest.
It’s getting dusk behind the barn.

The air smells from newly cut grass
and the stillness is soothing.
From the open kitchen window;
the rattling sound from plucking with china.
The supper will be ready soon.

Up-side-down on the graveled walk
stands the bath tub and the naked doll, face down.

On the doorstep
in the slanting light and remaining heat
from the evening sun
sits little Sheila
with suntanned legs
and eight wild strawberries
in a mug.

When the mountains
brings shade to the valley
she leaves the day in flowery pajamas
together with Winnie the Pooh and his friends.

Quietly you stand beside my bed.
My eyes are closed,
I’m sleeping so it seems.
You stroke my cheek, gently
with the backside of your hand.
My cheek is wet.
I just lie still, almost stop breathing
and I can hear through the wall:
It’s still raining.

Finally you leave the bedroom.
I can hear how you almost
close the door
and I draw my breath, deeply
and open my eyes.
The wall-paper is patterned
with little brown dashes.
It’s ugly. I’m ugly.
‘Cause I didn’t dare
to look at you and say:
“Forgive me mum!”
Breaking up

Let the tiger be right
when provoked to attack
and make the hunters retreat

The rain effaces the traces
Blood, sweat and tears
The field is plain and deserted

The last morning breaks
getting filled with silence
and everyone knows what’s happened.

Contrasting light
Feel the heat!

Blue tones
Shade of red
Feel the rhythm!

Secret strength
Roots deep
Feel the desire!
The ending

It’s not the ending itself
but the beginning of it
that hurts most.
In the twilight
when you know the night is near
but dawn still far away
and today’s not yet yesterday
– protect the emptiness from darkness
with neon lights and music
and dance, dance, dance
towards a newborn sunrise.
It’s not the ending
but the beginning of it.
Last train

The last train went away
and he stayed at the platform
letting the rain pour over his face.
Nothing did really matter.
He took the bag in the other hand,
slowly turning.

on another platform
somebody would be waiting in vain.
The thought of this
made him kick a post so hard
that the pain in the foot took away
everything else.
Nothing really mattered anyway.
The yell

There lives a yell in my throat
and I don’t dare to let it out.
Maybe it’s a yell of
tickling, bubbling laughter,
maybe a yell of
shrilling pain and disaster.
I don’t dare to let it out.

I love your brain,
The twisted course of your thoughts
Turns me on.
My senses meet yours
In a rapture explosion
And our bodies twist and bend in the dance.
You scream hoarsely
The unpronounced words
And the scream creeps down in my toes,
Together with the beat of the drums In eternity.

He cut a mark in the bark
For every day that passed
And the marks went deeper
Until one day
You could see the heart of the tree
And he burst into tears.
Without words

If I say I want to be alone
it’s not that I really want to
but because it’s necessary.
I smile in the darkness
and get embraced by my own reservation.
No good-byes can be too short
no distances too long
if you just don’t leave me
only now…
‘cause I’m invisible on the outside.
In the confused magic of the senses,
looks are burning
like cigarettes are burning holes in plastic.
I creep into the cover whispering:
Take me to the other side.
One more gliding over the E-string
and you make my whole soul wanting to give in.

The rugged skin of the rock felt chilly
and the ocean whispered in the night.
Their eyes were on fire
seeking for appeasement.
Painful was their realization
of limited possibilities of time
to change conditions
and the words remained unspoken.
He felt the salty taste upon her cheeks
and tenderly he pulled her shivering body next to his.
The ocean continued whispering:
-For ever, for ever gone.
Mellow Yellow

The Goddess of Impudence
stands smiling in the gate
with nicotine-colored teeth.
She yells and waves
with blood-red claws
and her laughter echoes in the night.
The clock strikes twelve
one strike at the time
hits my heart.
I know I will prevail.

High above the ditch
Soaring so easily
through the sunlight.
Tasting a little
from sugarsweet candyclouds.
Underneath’s floating:
I can never, ever
fall down
no more.
Agnes’ vision

I stood by the window
in my room each night
and looked at the starry sky.
One night I saw Him
in the clear moon-light.
The light made my eyes bright.
Six nights in arrow
He sang His golden song
and on the seventh
He spread out His wings
and covered me in colors
blue, green, purple and red
in an explosion of light.
And all the time He was singing.
Now I’ve got the strength to stay
till the Day of Joy
when I’ll be lifted up by wings,
up to the stars.
Surfing on the edge

You come surfing on a red wave
and the warm water washes the beach.
I stay put and get red
up above my waist.
It’s hard not to get dragged along,
back to the sea.
But on land, in a distance,
a lonely saxophone is playing.
It’s crying.
I dig my toes into the sand
and resist even the next wave.
I look in another direction just when you’re falling
and the empty board hits the back of my head.
Reflecting pond

The deepest thought of the eye
is obscure
when it sees itself distorted
in the mirror.
Starlit nights are cold
but soon the dew,
then the mist surely comes to stay.
Crying, the saxophone seeks answers.
But when the pupils widens
and you only can catch a glimpse
of the immeasurable
it’s time to close your eyes.

C’mon, dance tonight
tomorrow you’ll be tired,
he said,
turning round and round
and the darkness was lit up
by stars.
We followed the most intensive one
back home and nothing really mattered.

When the sky was gray
and the air chilly
she walked
as far as she ever could
till the birds went stilly
and the rough surface of the rocks
felt soft to lie on.

When tomorrow becomes yesterday
and everyone else
turn their back on me
I shall dance for you.
The wind will play with my hair
and I will smile for you, so tired in the mirror.

When tomorrow becomes yesterday
and the weak ones are crying
I’ll be strong
‘cause the dark is only reflecting
the backside of the light
and the moon is blinking
Marbled light

Marbled light
floating through the night.
The clock is ticking faster,
the vein on the neck’s expanding.
Pressure increases from inside.
Standing outside
are the expressionless ones
waiting for the bomb to explode.
Like a big orgasm.
An oak leaf

A little brown trembling oak leaf
clings tight on to its twig.
It freezes and hopes
that the winter soon
will be over and gone.
It doesn’t know yet
that it never will turn green again.
As leaves in my Garden of Yearning
I find a shelter of peace
under the old oak tree.
Bursting from love I die.

He’s blowing bubbles mighty fine
Shimmering and aerial
– Can’t you hear the dog
howling in the distant darkness?
Beautiful bubbles ascending the sky
The melody, so delicate,
With tunes so high and serene
That they could crack the glass
– Come now! You’re freezing.
– I like sitting here
watching the bubbles
ascending the sky
listening to that song.

I really could have loved him!
Alladins’ lamp

Follow the winding path,
through the brushwood
it’s curling and bending
seems to be never-ending.
When at last you’ve reached the end
the lamp is there
with glossy neck and chubby stand.
You rub it gently, with endearment
and place on top of it a kiss,
‘cause the Lamp of Life
can only be turned on with love.

I believe in your magic divinity.
Let me fly
with purple wings of love
high above the clouds
to your Royal Palace
where I can find
a profound inner peace
through your devotion.
A lovely day

“Good morning”, he said.
“I’ve made you some tea!”
It was not so much the nice words,
but the intonation,
that made the butterflies flutter with joy
in my stomach.

“Good morning”, he whispered.
“Do you want me … to bring it to you?”
The pouring rain outside (cleaning the gutters)
was dripping from the window frame
into a bucket on the floor.
It was a lovely day!

“Good morning”, he breathed into my ear.
“Do you want to? Now?”